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How We Became Sisters


Born of the recognition of the universal experience of being a woman, 7Sisters Global has been passionately committed to the promotion of women and girls for over 3 years.  What started as a summer book club, blossomed into a call for action within our community and the greater world.  Our gatherings to discuss the book, Half the Sky, Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, in the summer of 2010 became filled with discussions about global injustices, the sharing of personal stories and a growing acrimony at the treatment of women in the modern world.


An auspicious encounter with a retired firefighter gave our little group an outlet for our passionate commitment: the building of a domestic violence shelter.  The firefighter and his wife allowed us to become involved with their small non-profit that was addressing the issue of domestic violence in Mexico by building a shelter for women and children in a small beach town in Mexico.  We fell in love with Mexico, the culture, the people, and the ocean on our first trip. Subsequent trips have grown that love and forged our commitment to the women of Mexico and spreading awareness of their plight back in the United States.


Since the time of our first book club meeting, 7Sisters Global has been very fortunate to be involved with many, many wonderful groups and projects working to promote and advance women and girls.  We are grassroots, we are committed, we are tenacious, we are intelligent and we are sisters with ALL women.  Our commitment to women and girls globally and locally continues to grow and is made tangible through the many areas our members serve.  We are dedicated to providing hope, peace and prosperity one sister at a time.